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Kato Matcha

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From the Katō Family in Uji, Kyoto to your cup. This is a perfectly smooth ceremonial grade
summer harvest from the finest growing region in Japan.
Grown under the summer sun and shaded before harvest, this ceremonial-grade matcha has a rich, deep flavour. Its unique, robust taste is earthy and bold with a hint of mature umami, ideal for an energizing daily cup. The Katō Matcha Summer harvest is perfect for the daily Matcha drinker, it pairs excellently with a dash of milk, as a latte or in your morning smoothie.

Health Benefits of Matcha:
Packed with 137x the antioxidants (vs. regular green tea) and L-theanine.
Improves focus, sustained energy without caffeine crash.
Aids metabolism and weight loss.
Improves heart health and reduces risk of cardiovascular diseases.
Natural mood booster, reduces stress and prevents anxiety.

Stone milled Japanese Green Tea

1. Add ½ tsp Kato Matcha to your cup
2. Pour 1 - 2 oz hot water (80) and whisk
3. Top up with water or steamed milk
4. Enjoy!

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